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Fun With Dogs specialise in Bespoke Intensive Dog Training and Behaviour Problem Solving in your own home and local area.

We also arrange fun, sociable activities occasionally, which you can take part in with your dog...



Postive dog training
One to One Dog Training!


Whatever your dog training needs Fun With Dogs can help.


We offer one to one training in your own home or local area to help you overcome problems with coming when called, lead walking, basic manners both indoors and outdoors, settling a new dog into the home etc.

We only use force free, positive training methods that have been proven to be the most effective way for dogs to learn.


Fun With Dogs offering a range of services from 7 Day Bespoke Training Weeks to one off sessions.



Puppy training
Puppy Training Course


We offer training for all puppies and will cover everything your new puppy needs to get a good start in life.


The training all happens in your home, garden and local area so that your puppy learns good habits and skills in the real world that are relevant to your lifestyle and needs.


Real life training using force free, positive training methods, to help with everything from housetraining, basic manners, coming when called, loose lead walking, nipping and socialising your puppy.


We recommend a 3 or 5 x Half Day Training Package but can offer Full Weeks, Weekend and other packages too



Dog socialisation
Behaviour Problem Solving!


Fun With Dogs can offer positive solutions to common dog behaviour problems.


We can help with anything from lack of housetraining or barking when left, attention seeking, aggression, resource guarding, anxiety, nervousness around other animals or people etc.


Fun With Dogs use only fun, positive, force free proven training methods to help your dog to enjoy life more and for you to enjoy being with your dog more too.  

Most clients choose our 5 or 7 Day Bespoke Training Packages but we offer a range of packages so you can find one to suit you and your dog.



Postive dog training
Would you like to have more fun with your dog?


Fun With Dogs occasionally organise fun events for you to take part in with your dog.


Previously we have run Doggy Treasure Hunts, Recall, Loose Lead Walking and No Jumping Workshops and Doggy Challenge Runs.

We hope to put on some events next year.


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