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Need help with Behaviour Problems?

These sessions are designed to help you solve any behavioural problems that you might be having with your dog. The methods used are positive and reward based and designed to give you and your dog confidence to enable you both to enjoy a long and fun relationship together. I do not believe in using punishment to change your dogs behaviour instead we will find ways to motivate your dog and change your dogs behaviour with as little stress as possible.


If you dog is displaying any of the following behaviours a Behaviour Problem session will be beneficial..


Problems when left alone:

  • Barking/Howling

  • Destructive

  • Lack of Housetraining

  • Escaping

​Problems at home:

  • Lack of Housetraining

  • Attention Seeking (barking/whining/pawing/stealing)

  • Never settles, always on the go

  • Aggression

  • Biting

  • Any kind of nervous or fearful behaviour

​Problems outside the home:

  • Aggressive towards people

  • Aggressive towards other dogs/animals

  • Chase/high prey drive behaviour

  • Any kind of nervous or fearful behaviour

  • Escaping

The above list is not exhaustive, if you have any problems that you need help with please contact us.





What kind of problems can a Bespoke Behaviour Package help with?


Whatever problem you are having with your dog Fun With Dogs can help. From house training problems, your dog being destructive when left alone, aggression towards other dogs and/or people, nervousness and any fears and phobias. In fact anything that is impacting on the relationship you have with your dog.


What happens during a Behaviour Problem Session?

At the initial session, we will assess your dog's behaviour and their normal routine and environment and will then formulate a plan for how to help you and your dog overcome the problems. Every dog and their family is different so we will adapt the training and behaviour modification to suit you, your lifestyle and your needs.


What kind of Bespoke Behaviour Packages do you offer?

We offer a range of packages to suit your dog's needs, your lifestyle and budget.

3 x Half Days Package  - This packages gives you 3 Half Day sessions spread across a 2 week period. Each session will last around 3 hours. At the initial session the trainer will assess your dog and give behaviour modification exercises and advice. During the following 2 sessions the trainer will assess progress and help you work with your dog to make positive changes. 

Weekend Package- This package gives you a full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of training. Each day will last up to 6 hours and will involve a trainer spending time with you and your dog and to initially assess and observe your dog's behaviour. They will then show you how to manage and modify your dog's behaviour in whatever environments and situations are most suitable.  This package will give you a good start for working on your dog's problems and give you the confidence to continue to progress after the weekend finishes.


Please note: This two day intensive package is not suitable for dogs who are very anxious as they may find it overwhelming. We would recommend a 3 x Half Days Package instead for those dogs. 

5 Day or 7 Day Bespoke Behaviour Package - Booking one of our week long training packages gives you 5 or 7 days of a trainer coming to spend every day with you and your dog, helping you to manage and modify your dog's behaviour in a range of environments and situations. Helping your dog to learn new more positive habits so that you will feel confident enough to continue once your week of training is over.

How much do Bespoke Behaviour Packages cost?

  • 7 Day Package - from £1750

  • 5 Day Package - from £1250

  • Weekend Package - Saturday and Sunday - from £600

  • 3 X Half Days Package - 3 sessions in a 2 week period - from £495

  • 5 x Half Days Package - 5 Sessions in a 2 week period - from £800

We also offer 7 and 10 X Half Day Packages, please ask for more information and prices.

Prices quoted are for Hampshire, if you are outside of Hampshire there will be an additional fee to cover travel/hotel costs, please email for more info

What is included in the cost of a Bespoke Behaviour Package?


If you book one of our Bespoke Behaviour Packages we will provide everything you need for the training sessions apart from your dog's normal food.


If we feel your dog would benefit from a different type of collar, harness or lead from the one you normally use, we will buy a high quality replacement, specially fitted if required. If we recommend a particular toy or other piece of equipment for your dog we will provide this as part of our service up to the following limits:

5 or 7 Day Package - maximum £150 of product

Weekend Package - maximum of £75 of product

3 x Half Days Package - maximum of £75 of product

Free follow up support is offered for the lifetime of your dog via telephone or email.


Can I book a Behaviour Problem Session for more than one dog?

If you have more than one dog in your home, and they both have problems then we can adapt the sessions to suit both dogs and give individual training as require. 


Does the Behaviour Problem Session have to take place in my home?

The initial assessment and discussion will take place in your home so that your dog can be observed in their home environment and the problem behaviour discussed. However if the problem is evident outdoors on walks for example then part of the initial session, and any follow up sessions can take place in your garden, your local park or wherever else you feel may be of benefit to you.


If you have any further questions please click here to contact us.

Bespoke Intensive Dog Training

Do you have a new puppy, an unruly adolescent or an unsettled rescue dog?

Our 5 and 7 Day Intensive Dog Training Packages are ideal in these situations. The trainer comes to you every day to help you and your dog learn together.

A great alternative to Board and Train services.

Puppy Training!


Fun With Dogs also offer a range of options for puppy training in your own home.

Don't want to commit to a Package of Training?

We understand that, for a variety of reasons, some people would prefer to book single sessions rather than a full package.

Fun With Dogs can offer either single Half Day or Full Day Sessions on request. Prices from £175, please use the button below to contact us for more details.

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