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Would you like dog training in your own home with a trainer on hand 24 hours of the day?

Fun With Dogs offer a live in dog training service, where a qualified trainer will come and live with you and your dog in your home throughout the training period.

Your trainer will be on hand 24 hours a day to help with your training and behaviour problem needs.

Who is Live in Training for?

New Puppy - perhaps you are having trouble settling a new puppy at night and would like some on the spot advice, as well as training throughout the day to teach your puppy good manners as well as basic training such as recall and loose lead walking. We can also work on helping your puppy to gradually cope with being left alone for short periods of time.

Unruly Adolescent - if you have a young boisterous dog who seems to have no manners and does not respond to you then having a live in trainer may be the perfect answer. We can give advice and assistance as the problems are occurring, and then show you how to avoid those as well as teaching you and your dog how to have a better relationship with training throughout the day and into the evening/night. Particularly useful if your dog behaves differently at different times of day and in response to different family members being home etc.

Rescue Dog - taking on a rescue dog is a great thing to do, but sometimes it can take a while for a dog to settle into their new homes. Having a live in trainer could help you to make your new family member feel more comfortable and at home and build trust between you. If your rescue dog has separation issues or other anxieties and fears we can work on helping your dog to cope better as they occur as part of an ordinary day.

Any Dog - if you are struggling with basic training, bad manners or behaviour problems and feel you would like help from a trainer who can be in your home for a few days, we can help.


Where will the trainer stay?

If you book a Live In Trainer then you will need to provide a suitable room for the trainer to sleep in during their stay. The trainer will stay in your home and live as part of your family during the training.  The trainer will bring their own food and cook for themselves during their stay.

If you are not comfortable with a trainer staying in your home you may prefer to book our 5 or 7 Day Bespoke Training Weeks, where the trainer spends up to 6 hours a day with you, but does not live in.

How long will the trainer stay with me?

We can offer a range of Live in Packages to suit your needs from 2 Days to 1 Month, please contact us to discuss what would be most suitable for you and your dog's training needs.

How much will Live in Training cost?

Prices start from £800 for 2 days (48 hour period) up to £9000 for 1 Month, but will depend on your location and training requirements, please email for more info

What is included in the cost of a Live In Dog Training Package?


If you book one of our Live In Training Packages we will provide everything you need for the training sessions apart from your dog's normal food.


If we feel your dog would benefit from a different type of collar, harness or lead from the one you normally use, we will buy a high quality replacement, specially fitted if required. If we recommend a particular toy or other piece of equipment for your dog we will provide this as part of our service, subject to limits dependant on length of package booked.

Free follow up support is offered for the lifetime of your dog via telephone or email.

Can I book Live in Dog Training for more than one dog?

Yes, if you have more than one dog in your home then we can adapt the training to suit each of them. There is no additional cost for dogs who are part of the same household.

Do I need to be at home all the time that the trainer is here?

Ideally someone should be with the trainer and your dog as much as possible during the training. However we do understand that sometimes 'real life' gets in the way and you may need to go out, but we can adapt the training to suit you and your lifestyle.


If you have any further questions please click here to contact us.



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