Dog Training in your own home...

There are lots of reasons why you might prefer to have Dog Training sessions in your own home...


  • Your dog finds traditional dog training in a hall with other dogs and people too stressful

  • Your dog becomes over-excited in a class with other dogs

  • Your dog does everything perfectly in the training session but seems to forget everything once you are at home or out on a walk

  • You feel you don't get enough individual attention in the class.

  • The dog training classes are held at a time of day or day of the week that doesn't fit in with your lifestyle

  • You want to teach your dog something that isn't covered in the class

​If any of the above sounds familiar then booking one of our One to One Dog Training Packages will be ideal!


What will be taught during the Dog Training Sessions?

There is no typical Dog Training Session, the advantage of booking your own one to one training package means we can concentrate on teaching your dog whichever exercises you feel will be most useful. The basics would include sitting, laying down and standing on command, coming when called, walking nicely on the lead and the wait or settle exercise. Basic manners can be taught too, such as greeting people without jumping up, not jumping up on the furniture or dashing through doorways, in fact anything that helps your dog to become an acceptable canine citizen and welcome wherever you take them.

How long will a Dog Training Session last?

We offer a range of options to suit lifestyle, your dog's needs and your budget:

3 X Half Day Package -  This package gives you 3 Half Day Sessions spread across a maximum of 2 weeks. Each session will last around 3 hours and can be booked for any morning or afternoon Monday to Friday only. This package is ideal if there is just one or two particular training issues you would like to concentrate on or if you have a particularly anxious dog who would find a more intensive training course too overwhelming. If it is an issue in the home (such as jumping up at visitors or dashing through doorways) we can visit your home and help you with that. If the problem is recall while out on walks or pulling on a lead, we can accompany you and your dog on your normal walk and advise and train as we go.

Weekend Package - This package gives you 2 Full Days, Saturday and Sunday of training over one weekend. Each day will usually last up to 6 hours and gives you an opportunity to address a range of training needs in one weekend. This package is ideal if you have a number of issues you want to work on and is particularly useful for bouncy adolescents! We can cover recall, loose lead walking, general manners etc. During the weekend we can work both in your house and garden as well as out on a regular walk with you. At the end of the weekend you should have made some progress with your dog and feel confident that you can continue your dog's training.

5 Day Bespoke Intensive Training Package - This package gives you 5 Full Days, Monday to Friday of training in one week. Each day will last between 4 and 6 hours and gives you the opportunity to address a wide range of training and behaviour modification exercises across the week. This package is ideal for adolescent dogs, new puppies, rescue dogs who need to settle into a new home or learn some basic training and good manners. 

7 Day Bespoke Intensive Training Package - This package gives you 7 Full Days, Monday to Sunday of training in one week. Each day will last between 4 and 6 hours and gives you an opportunity to address a wide range of training and behaviour modification exercises.  This package is ideal for adolescent dogs, new puppies, rescue dogs coming to a new home, who you wish to teach some basic training and good manners.


Both the 5 and 7 Day Packages are a great way to get on the spot help and advice throughout the week to really get a head start on your dog's training. We can work on recall, loose lead walking, general manners both in the house and out in the real world. Your trainer will help you to advance your dog's training at a pace that works well for both you and your dog and have a lot of fun at the same time.

How much will Bespoke Intensive Dog Training cost?

  • 7 Day Package - Monday to Sunday - from £1200

  • 5 Day Package - Monday to Friday - from £900

  • Weekend Package - Saturday and Sunday - from £500

  • 3 X Half Days Package - 3 Sessions in a 2 Week period - Monday to Friday only - from £450


Prices quoted are for Hampshire, if you are outside of Hampshire there will be an additional fee to cover travel/hotel costs, please email for more info

What is included in the cost of a Bespoke Intensive Dog Training Package?


If you book one of our Bespoke Intensive Training Packages we will provide everything you need for the training sessions apart from your dog's normal food.


If we feel your dog would benefit from a different type of collar, harness or lead from the one you normally use, we will buy a high quality replacement, specially fitted if required. If we recommend a particular toy or other piece of equipment for your dog we will provide this as part of our service up to the following limits:

5 or 7 Day Package - maximum £150 of product

Weekend Package - maximum of £75 of product

3 x Half Days Package - maximum of £75 of product

Free follow up support is offered for the lifetime of your dog via telephone or email.

Can I book Dog Training for more than one dog?

Yes, if you have more than one dog in your home then we can adapt the training to suit each of them. There is no additional cost for dogs who are part of the same household.

Does the Dog Training Session have to take place in my home?

The sessions can be tailored to suit your needs and so can take place in your house, your garden, your local park or wherever else you feel may be of benefit to you.


If you have any further questions please click here to contact us.



Puppy Training!


Fun With Dogs also offer a range of options for puppy training in your own home.

Bespoke Intensive Dog Training

Do you have a new puppy, an unruly adolescent or an unsettled rescue dog?

Our range of Bespoke Intensive Dog Training Packages are ideal in these situations. The trainer comes to you every day to help you and your dog learn together.

A great alternative to Board and Train services.

Behaviour Problem Solving

Do you have a dog with fears, phobias, anxiety or aggression problems?

Fun With Dogs offer a range of packages to help you to help your dog to cope better with their fears and anxieties and to lessen their aggression.

A great alternative to Board and Train services.

Don't want to commit to a Package of Training?

We understand that, for a variety of reasons, some people would prefer to book single sessions rather than a full package.

Fun With Dogs can offer either single Half Day or Full Day Sessions on request, prices start at £160 for a Half Day Session. Please use the button below to contact us for more details.

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