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Next Doggy Treasure Hunt Event is:


New Dates to be confirmed soon



Join us on a Doggy Treasure Hunt!

Instead of going for your usual weekend morning stroll why not take part in a Fun With Dogs Treasure Hunt with your dog.


Your team can consist of one or two dogs and as many humans as you like. If you have two or more dogs in your family why not split into two teams and compete against each other.


At the starting point you will be given a sheet of clues to find. During the search for clues you will come across some simple Doggy Challenges around the route that your dog will need to complete to gain extra clues.


Each dog must complete the challenges before you can continue the Hunt.... if you have two dogs in your team this means both dogs must complete the challenges before you move on.


If you successfully solve the clues your entry sheet will entered into the draw at the end of the Treasure Hunt and one winner will be drawn to win the prize bag!


All participating teams will receive a goodie bag for completing the hunt.


No special skills required.


Designed to be completed in around an hour so suitable for most dogs over 9 months of age.


If you are not sure if the Doggy Treasure Hunt will be suitable for your dog please do contact us first to discuss.


Price: £25 per team if you pay on the day 

         £20 per team if you Book and Pay at least 14 days in advance


Please note: Fun With Dogs is a positive reward based dog activity business and we do not approve of the use of the following equipment:

  • Choke chains or half choke chains

  • Shock collars

  • Spray collars

  • Slip leads

​Please do not bring any of these to a Doggy Treasure Hunt or any other Fun With Dogs activity


Please see our terms and conditions before signing up for any Fun With Dogs event


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