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About us

My name is Sarah Pond and I've been working with dogs for over 25 years and I'm on a mission to help everyone improve their relationship with their dog using Fun and Rewards!


My interest in Behaviour and Training was sparked when I worked at Second Chance Animal Rescue in Southampton in the mid 1990's.  Curious about why so many animals found themselves looking for new homes I wanted to learn more about behaviour. I studied Applied Animal Behaviour at Southampton University and started working as a Pet Behaviour and Dog Training specialist soon after this and continue to have a soft spot for rescue dogs.


I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with a number of dogs who have all been special, pictured (right) is Roobarb, a Collie X who came into the rescue as a young puppy and came home with me shortly after. Always keen and enthusiastic to learn anything new, I taught Roobarb to respond to over 100 commands. In addition to all the basics such as sit, down, stay, and coming when called, Roobarb also learnt many cute tricks such as waving, crossing her paws, playing dead when shot (with a toy gun!), walking backwards and even skateboarding. 


Everything that Roobarb learnt was taught using rewards and lots of fun, which is the inspiration for my style of dog training and behaviour problem solving that I offer today. I don't believe it is necessary to shout at your dog or to use punishment or coercion in order to achieve the results you want. 





We want you and your dog to enjoy your sessions and to have a great relationship that is based on trust and respect. We want your dog to believe you are the most interesting and exciting person in their life!


We believe that dog training should be an individual thing where you find what works best for you and your dog which is why we offer sessions in your own home at a time to suit you. 

Call: 07936 863604

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